On the day

ASK4ALICE provides some general information and responds to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

Please arrive on time for your appointment and not too early as there may not be anywhere for you to wait since there will be other treatments in progress. Given the current circumstances I ask you to ring the bell and either wait outside or at the bottom of the stairs until I come down to collect you.

If this is your first appointment, we will have a brief look at your medical history and any ‘present complaints’, discuss the treatment options and what areas of the body need treating. If it is not your first time, we will just catch up to make sure nothing has changed since your last visit, and the rest is treatment time.

I will leave the room to allow you to change and get comfortable on the massage couch and once you are ready, I will come back into the room and get started with the massage. Once the treatment is finished, I will again leave the room to allow you to get dressed in privacy. On my return I will discuss the treatment, take payment and re-book if required. I will then escort you back downstairs and out of the building.  

Please note that we can accept payment with most major credit/debit cards. If paying in cash, we would appreciate you bringing the correct amount so as to avoid unnecessary handling and mixing of money.


What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. However, for the treatment, depending on which body parts are being treated, it is usually easiest if you are in your underwear. If this is a problem, we can usually work around that, but this can be discussed before treatment commences.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself, some water, your diary, and payment method. (Pre-pandemic I would have supplied water but given the circumstances it is not an option, so please bring your own as it is very important to stay hydrated following a massage treatment).

How much pressure will be used?

The amount of pressure used will be determined by you. If you like a ‘firm’ massage that is fine and if you like a ‘light’ pressure that is also fine. Even if you have a Sports Massage it doesn’t have to be ‘firm’. The treatment will always be tailored to you and your needs.

Will it hurt?

At times massage can be a little painful and uncomfortable especially if you have muscles tension, soreness, or an injury. However, I always tell people that the pain shouldn’t be any more than a “5 out of 10” on your pain scale, and if it is you must tell me. I will check regularly that you are happy with the pressure and will not take offence if it is ‘too much or not enough’.

Do I need to be a ‘sports person’ to have a Sports Massage?

No, absolutely not! Sports Massage is just a technique of massage and a higher-level qualification. So sports person or not you will benefit from having a Sports Massage.

What medium do you use?

I usually use a ‘Strictly Professional’ Soyabean and Wheatgerm massage oil or “Songbird” massage waxes. If you have any allergies, please let me know before the treatment commences.

What if I’m running late or have an emergency?

If you are running late, please call ahead so I know. When you arrive if there is enough time to still treat you I will. However, you will still be required to pay the full price for whatever time we are able to work with or for not showing up to the treatment at all. If you have an ‘emergency’ please phone at the earliest possible opportunity. Please see the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

How will I feel afterwards?

Everyone responds to massage differently. Some people feel fine and have no side effects whereas others can feel a little lightheaded, ‘spaced out’ or “dizzy” immediately afterwards. This is completely normal and usually subsides quickly. It is very important to drink lots of water after having a massage because you can become dehydrated. You can also suffer from some generalised soreness for a couple of days afterwards. If you are concerned about anything or feeling unwell afterwards, please do let me know immediately.

What are the benefits of massage?

Some people use massage to simply relax and unwind, while others have regular massage to help them manage or cope with specific physical, mental, or emotional problems. Many sports women and men, including professional athletes have massage before and after training or sporting events. This helps them to maintain optimum condition and aids recovery.

There is a lot of evidence which proves massage can be effective in helping with certain chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and back pain.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch – see the Contact page.